Joe Metz

Meet Joe Metz of MFC Homes



I have invested a great deal of time, energy and capital in real estate education, attending the nation’s premier real estate investing education program ‐ FortuneBuilders Mastery and FortuneBuilders Inner Circle. Beyond the principles of sound investing, I am trained on how to build a successful business based on systems and predictability. Having completed over 1,000 real estate deals, FortuneBuilders coaches and systems have allowed me to strategically invest in distressed real estate. As I grow and expand the business, their coaching is always available ‐ whether to help me analyze deals or to strategically systematize the business.




Joe Metz started his real estate investment career in 1965, buying rental houses in Fremont for about $20,000 each, while working in High Tech. He then started trading them up to small apartment buildings. In 1970 he left electronics to pursue a career in brokering, syndicating and managing medium to large apartment buildings for himself and his investors. In 1986 he decided to turn his hobby of ballroom dancing into a business and built the largest ballroom dance club in the U.S. in Sunnyvale. He ran the business until 2003 when he received a buyout offer from his managers that he couldn’t refuse. Since 2003 he’s been buying and brokering distressed houses and notes at a discount, fixing them and reselling them. He joined Dean Higa, in 2011 and together they have completed about 30 houses. In concert with his partner Dean, Joe runs two very popular monthly real estate investment clubs where he enjoys passing on what he’s learned to other re‐ developers and passive real estate investors as well. These investor meetings have also been a great way for Joe and Dean to meet private money investors for their projects as well as wholesalers to trade with.